Documentary: The Tibetan Book Of The Dead (narrated by Leonard Cohen)

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead is a documentary, produced by The National Film Board of Canada in 1994.  It explains The Bardo Thodol, Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State, referred to in the west as The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. The close to 700 year-old text, composed in the 8th century is a text from a larger corpus of teachings, the Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation through the Intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones.  The text is intended to guide a deceased person through the experiences that his or her consciousness faces in the bardo, the interval between their death and their next rebirth.

The text was originally composed by Padmasambhava in the 8th century and was transcribed by his student Yeshe Tsogyal and buried in the Gampo hills in central tibet. The text was discovered by a tibetan tertian, Karma Lingpa in the 14th Century.

An enlightening and wonderful documentary. Narrated by singer/songwriter (and zen practitioner) Leonard Cohen (r.i.p.).  92min.

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