JOHN ZORN’S NAKED CITY live @ The Puck Building, New Years Eve, 1989

John Zorn: Alto Sax
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Wayne Horwitz: keyboards
Fred Frith : Bass
Joey Baron: drums
Yamatsuka Eye: vocals

01. intro / band warming up
02. thrash jazz assassin
03. ujaku
04. gob of spit / merry t / the blade
05. perfume of a critic’s burning flesh
06. N.Y. flat top box
07. no reason to believe
08. you will be shot
09. the man from U.N.C.L.E. (Jerry Goldsmith)
10. (tape jump) saigon pickup
11. (tape jump) the list of Adrian Messenger (Jerry Goldsmith)
12. torture garden
13. rapid shave (Dave Burns)
14. (tape jump) jazz snob eat shit
15. (tape jump) in my room (Brian Wilson/Beach Boys)
16. (tape jump) snagglepuss
17. (tape jump) you only live twice (John Barry)
18. (tape jump) I die screaming
19. (tape jump) igneous ejaculation
20. demon sanctuary
21. obeah man
22. (tape jump) zorn+eye duo
23. baby doll (Hopkins)
24. (tape jump) punk china doll
25. (tape jump) baja (Lee Hazelwood / The Astronauts)
26. band presentation / end of 1st set
27. second set start / band warming up
28. taila (Raina Rai)
29. (tape jump) graveyard shift

01. thanks to Blind Idiot God
02. slan
03. slan “again”
04. blood duster
05. blood duster “again”
06. kaoru
07. hawaii five-o (Morton Stevens)
08. latin quarter
09. skatekey
10. rosemary’s baby (Krystof Komeda)
11. (tape jump) blunt instrument
12. hammerhead
13. fuck the facts
14. (tape jump) victims of torture
15. piledriver
16. (tape jump) bone orchard
17. (tape jump) graveyard of the brotherhood (Toshima Toshiaki)
18. batman
19. the yodel (Big John Patton)
20. (tape jump) burnt specimen
21. (tape jump) cairo chop shop
22. (tape jump) the ways of pain
23. (tape jump) numbskull
24. blood is thin
25. whiplash
26. speedball
27. (tape jump) the mystery spng (Duke Ellington)
28. (tape jump) band presentation
29. a shot in the dark (Henry Mancini) / outro

30. band comes in / chinatown (Jerry Goldsmith) / end of set

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