ELLIOTT ERWITT: NEW YORK CITY, USA, 1953 Transcending the Personal into the Universal

20110202-km-showcase-erwitt‘The photograph that Elliott Erwitt made in 1953 of his newborn daughter and her mother in the family’s modest Manhattan apartment is among the most widely reproduced of its time, having appeared in venues as different as Edward Steichen’s seminal 1955 photography exhibition (and book) “Family of Man,” and in magazines, on postcards and even in drug company advertisements. But if Mother and Child is a mainstay of modern photography, to the mischievous Erwitt, 74, it’s just “a family picture of my first child, my first wife and my cat,” he says. “I still see it as a snapshot. But it happens to be a pretty good one.” -Adriana Leshko, Smithsonian Magazine, August 2002″

A lot has been said and written about this photograph. But for me and my brother and sisters, it’s a family photo — maybe one that put a few of us through school — but a family photo that has taken on a greater meaning with the recent passing of our mother, Lucienne Matthews, the woman in the picture.” -Misha Erwitt, The Woman In The ‘Family Of Man’ Family, New York Times, Feb 3,2011   read Misha’s article: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/02/03/the-woman-in-the-family-of-man-family/?_r=0

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