TWYLA THARP/ DAVID BYRNE :: THE CATHERINE WHEEL, 1981 >an early artworld cross over into mainstream pop culture

The Catherine Wheel was a seventy-two minute dance film choreographed and directed by Twyla Tharp to a musical score by David Byrne.The show premiered in 1981 at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York City and a film was made in 1983. The film was part-produced by the BBC . 

Anna Kisselgoff, dance critic for The New York Times, 1981:

“One felt awash in youth culture Tuesday night at the Winter Garden Theater, where the Tharp company opened its four-week season with the premiere of this nonetheless innovative 80-minute piece. Feelings were uttered in fragments of sound and movement, and a deliberately disjointed but simplistic scenario threw out all sorts of clues about Man’s Fate.”

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