The Mike Wallace Interview
Frank Lloyd Wright
9/1/57 and 9/28/57

This interview was recorded in two parts. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, talks to Wallace about religion, war, mercy killing, art, critics, his mile-high skyscraper, America’s youth, sex, morality, politics, nature, and death.

“In 1957, when Frank Lloyd Wright was 90 years old and in New York to supervise construction of his final masterpiece, the Guggenheim Museum, Mike Wallace invited him to be a guest on the television show “The Mike Wallace Interview.” Their conversation was so compelling that Wallace invited Wright back for a second appearance.

Rarely has a figure of such historic importance been so admiringly yet revealingly captured. In these two free-wheeling interviews, Wright speaks out about his own work and about architecture in general–topics one might expect him to cover. Then he goes on to express his iconoclastic views on a wide range of social and cultural topics. Guided by Wallace’s questioning, America’s greatest architect emerges as a wise, idealistic, nonconformist, and uniquely self-confident man.”-liner notes, The Mike Wallace Interviews

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