Comment te dire adieu” (English: “How to Say Goodbye to You”) is a French adaptation of the song “It Hurts to Say Goodbye“. It was recorded by Françoise Hardy in 1968 and remains one of Hardy’s most popular songs.

The song, originally called “It Hurts to Say Goodbye”, was written by Arnold Goland and Jack Gold and was recorded by Margaret Whiting on her album The Wheel of Hurt (1966). It was also recorded by Vera Lynn in 1967; this version reached #7 in Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. Hardy heard an American instrumental version of the song and her manager asked Serge Gainsbourg to provide suitable lyrics for it. Gainsbourg’s French adaptation of the original lyrics, “Comment te dire adieu”, was included on Hardy’s 1968 album. Hardy also recorded the song in Italian (“Il pretesto”, 1968) and German (“Was mach’ ich ohne dich”, 1970; collected in the album Träume, 1970.) The lyrics are notable for their uncommon rhymes in “ex”, within the subject of the song having a sense of “ex” as in “ex-boyfriend”.

-wikipedia, Comment te dire adieu


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