Coolies:: Pull The Trigger, from the album, Master.  released Oct 9, 2011.

Not to be confused with the early ’80s punk band The Coolies from Atlanta, Coolies hail from South Auckland, New Zealand.
The Coolies first got together in high school with a common love for the likes of Patti Smith, Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex before moving to Auckland and establishing themselves with prominent support slots with the Beastie Boys, Cat Power and Rancid. The band then broke up, before reforming in 2002 to once again start playing shows with the likes of The Mint Chicks, as well as recording their debut self-titled album.

The all-female three-piece play a melange of dance, punk and pop twisted through the unorthodox line-up of guitar, keyboard and drums, describing themselves as, “the under- explored mid-point between the Dead Boys and the Shangri-la’s”. A demo song recorded – in true DIY styles – on a dictaphone, went straight to Number One on the bFM charts and The Coolies also supported US act The Dictators before releasing their album.

Band Members:
Tina (guitar, vocals)
Sjionel (CZ1, vocals)
Fifi (drums)


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