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Vito Acconci, Photomatic Enunciation Piece (“Anything Goes”), 1969


“As Acconci’s art shifted from poetry to body-oriented performance in the late 1960s, he often incorporated photography as a means of returning his art to the page and of creating something that would last beyond the moment. This work, dubbed a “photomatic enunciation piece,” is a photo-booth strip showing five random flashes of the automatic camera as the artist sang Cole Porter’s 1934 song “Anything Goes” with exaggerated clarity. Merging performance, chance occurrence, conceptual art, and an assertively anti-art process, Acconci’s work is quintessentially of the 1960s.” –the Met

Yutaka Takanashi

Yukata Takanishi (Feb 6, 1935, Shinjuku, Tokyo).

  • •first camera:Canon IVSb 35 mm rangefinder.
  • •first exhibition: work from his series “Somethin’ Else”, in Ginza Garō, May 1960
  • •commercial photographer, Nippon Design Center, 1961-70
  • •member of the collective that produced Provoke magazine, 1968-69

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