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akira-sato-untitled-1960-954x635“Akira Sato, the Japanese photographer, was noted for his graphic and iconic experimental photographs of women. His seminal book, also entitled Woman, is an enigmatic collection of portraits finely meshed with a type of fashion, but as with all things Japanese, his work retained an exotic quality that was to define his style. Sato was born on July 30, 1930 in Tokyo. While a student of economics at Yokohama National University he was an avid reader of LIFE and other photographic and fashion magazines at the American CIE library in Hibiya. He graduated in 1953 and one year later made the move and became a freelance photographer, specializing in fashion. Continue reading AKIRA SATO :: UNTITLED, 1960

Yutaka Takanashi

Yukata Takanishi (Feb 6, 1935, Shinjuku, Tokyo).

  • •first camera:Canon IVSb 35 mm rangefinder.
  • •first exhibition: work from his series “Somethin’ Else”, in Ginza Garō, May 1960
  • •commercial photographer, Nippon Design Center, 1961-70
  • •member of the collective that produced Provoke magazine, 1968-69

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