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LINA BO BARDI, Modernist Architect & Visionary Conceptualist

Lina Bo Bardi (1914–1992) was born Achillina di Enrico Bo in Rome in 1914 and moved to Brazil in 1946, on something of a whim after marrying art dealer and journalist Pietro Maria Bardi.  Lina was born in Rome and attended the Rome College of Architecture, graduating at age 25, after which, she moved to Milan.  In Milan, she worked for the architect Carlo Pagani and collaborated with the architect and designer Gio Ponti. Lina opened her own architectural studio in 1942, at the age of 28, but the dearth of architectural work during WWII prompted her to work as an illustrator for many italian newspapers and magazines.  From 1942-45 she served as Deputy Director of Domus magazine. Continue reading LINA BO BARDI, Modernist Architect & Visionary Conceptualist

MARIANNE (LIEBE) BRANDT, artist, photographer & designer

Marianne (Liebe) Brandt German painter, sculptor, photographer and designer who studied at the Bauhaus school under László Moholy-Nagy and became head of the metal workshop in 1928. Today, Brandt’s designs for household objects such as lamps, ashtrays and teapots are considered the harbinger of modern industrial design. -wikipedia