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HARRY PARTCH:: DELUSION OF THE FURY, original filmed performance, 1969, 72 min.

Delusion of the Fury: A Ritual of Dream and Delusion, A Film by MadelineTourtelot, Recorded at UCLA Playhouse 1969. Conducted by Danlee Mitchell, musician assembly Emil Richards.

Delusion of the Fury is a stage play by the American composer Harry Partch. The first draft for a new theater work for singers, mimes, dancers, and musicians, Cry from Another Darkness, was completed by Partch on December 30, 1964, and the second draft, dated January 17, 1965, was a fuller, longer, re-titled Delusion of the Fury. The work was originally conceived as a play in two acts, with a dramatic first act and a comedic second. Partch completed writing of the music on March 17, 1966. The piece employs Partch’s original system of micro-tonality, and was written for the largest assembly of his custom-made instruments used in any of his works. The instruments were an important part of the stage set.[2] Delusion of the Fury was premiered at the UCLA Playhouse on January 9, 1969, where it was recorded for Columbia Records. This remained the only performance of the piece until it was re-staged in 2007 by the Japan Society in New York. In 2013 the piece was staged for the first time in Europe at Ruhrtriennale by Ensemble MusikFabrik under the direction of Heiner Goebbels.This production toured to the Edinburgh International Festival in 2014. It received another performance in Paris as part of IRCAM’s ManiFeste festival in the Grande Salle of La Villette on June 18, 2016. -wikipedia

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