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A wonderful fingertyle guitar piece by Woody Harris. From his album “American Guitar Solos”, Arhoolie Records, 1976. There isn’t much information about Woody Harris out there, but he was a classical guitarist who released at least three solo albums and one collaboration album with Mike Bloomfield in the 70s.



WILLIAM TYLER :: COUNTRY OF ILLUSION, live at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, Iowa, 4.24.13

A tough and beautiful live performance of William Tyler’s Country Of Illusion from 2013, at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe in Iowa City, Iowa. Many of Tyler’s pieces seem as much a meditation on the dissipation of the american mythos as a celebration of it. Bright, open american vistas replace each other on the horizon line, leaving room for the periodic emergence of a restrained raga/drone. In this performance, Tyler culminates his piece into a wall of reverberant rumblings and shimmering layers.  The myth folds back in on itself and quakes in it’s own reflection.  A wonderful, powerful ending. Continue reading WILLIAM TYLER :: COUNTRY OF ILLUSION, live at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, Iowa, 4.24.13

Daniel Bachman :: Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman, the self-titled new album from the 26 year-old guitar virtuoso firmly plants itself in the grand tradition of the legendary american primitive masters, John Fahey, Jack Rose, Glenn Jones and Robbie Basho.  Drones and free-meter, ambient tableaus slowly dematerialize into the sharp-focused, pumping, lock-step guitar patterns woven with shimmering, razor-sharp precision that generally characterize his previous offerings.  On DB, Bachman’s experiments with structure and sound incorporate drones and sustained harmonic sonorities into these new pieces, incorporating raga-like passages into his american folk-roots sound.  DB is a beautiful and fascinating collectionof pieces which expand upon, and perhaps arguably defy the more straightforward traditionally pretty sound of his previous release, Rivers.  Daniel Bachman will be performing at Trans Pecos, in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC on November 22.