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Playlist:LOST IN TRANSMISSION No.22, by Folk Radio UK via Mixcloud

An excellent mixtape from the folks at Folk Radio UK, and hey it’s even slightly festive.

Here are their notes regarding their set:

“Whilst not a full-on festive offering, our latest mix does contain some festive cheer courtesy of a reading from Robert Frost as well as music from Steve Tilston & Maggie BoyleTim LaycockRichard Farina With Blind Boy Grunt (better known as Bob Dylan) & Eric Von Schmidt, and some top-notch wassailing from John Kirkpatrick.

Scattered amongst this festive sprinkling are some classics from the likes of John MartynSandy DennyHamish Imlach and Richard Thompson as well as unique offerings from Maarja Nuut and new music from DakhaBrakha and Siobhan Miller‘s new single. There’s also some old recordings from Topic Records back catalogue including Ed Pickford with Ee Aye, Aa Cud Hew, Gordeanna McCulloch with The Clutha and Exiles who were Enoch Kent, Bobby Campbell and Gordon McCulloch.”


Playlist: PANAME, by Mixtaper Gallagher, via Mixcloud

Another great mixtape show from Paris’ Mixtaper Gallagher.  Features French Pop from the ’60s. A wonderful collection of songs: Pierre Barouh -, line renaud -, Willy Levis  -, Claude Nougaro, Eddy Mitchell and more.

via Mixcloud.

WILLIAM TYLER :: COUNTRY OF ILLUSION, live at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, Iowa, 4.24.13

A tough and beautiful live performance of William Tyler’s Country Of Illusion from 2013, at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe in Iowa City, Iowa. Many of Tyler’s pieces seem as much a meditation on the dissipation of the american mythos as a celebration of it. Bright, open american vistas replace each other on the horizon line, leaving room for the periodic emergence of a restrained raga/drone. In this performance, Tyler culminates his piece into a wall of reverberant rumblings and shimmering layers.  The myth folds back in on itself and quakes in it’s own reflection.  A wonderful, powerful ending. Continue reading WILLIAM TYLER :: COUNTRY OF ILLUSION, live at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, Iowa, 4.24.13

ASHA BHOSLE :: Aaiye Meherbaan, from the film Howrah Bridge, हावड़ा ब्रिज (1958)

Lyrics : Qamar Jalalabadi,(Q J)
Music Director : O P Nayyar,
Cast : Madhubala, Ashok Kumar K.N. Singh,Helen,Dhumal
Director: Shakti Samanta.

Since she began her career as a ‘playback singer’ for films in 1943, Asha Bhosle has sung for over a thousand Bollywood movies. Her career has spanned over six decades. In addition, she has recorded several private albums and participated in numerous solo concerts in India and abroad.Bhosle is the sister of playback singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Bhosle’s work includes film music, pop, ghazals, bhajans, traditional Indian classical music, folk songs, qawwalis, and Rabindra Sangeets. Apart from Hindi, she has sung in over 20 Indian and foreign languages. In 2006, Asha Bhosle stated that she had sung over 12,000 songs, a figure repeated by several other sources. In 2011, she was officially acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most recorded artist in music history.

GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR :: MOYA (GORECKI) Live at The Metropolis, Montreal, 1.19.14

Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a Canadian experimental music collective which originated in Montreal, Quebec in 1994. They release its recordings through Constellation, an independent record label also located in Montreal. Film loop projections are an important aspect of the group’s live show, explained by Efrim Menuck as “[putting] the whole into context”.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor was formed in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec, by Efrim Menuck (guitar), Mike Moya (guitar), and Mauro Pezzente (bass), taking its name from God Speed You! Black Emperor, a 1976 Japanese black-and-white documentary by director Mitsuo Yanagimachi, which follows the exploits of a Japanese biker gang, the Black Emperors. The band initially assembled after being offered a supporting act for another local band named Steak 72. Thereafter, the trio performed live on a few separate occasions, before ultimately deciding to produce an album. The cassette, All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling, was self-released in December 1994 and limited to thirty-three copies.

After the limited release of the cassette, the band quickly expanded and continued to perform live periodically. According to Menuck, joining the group was quite simple: “It was like if anyone knew anybody who played an instrument and seemed like an okay person, they would sort of join up.” In short order, the group’s numbers ebbed and flowed. Local musicians would often join the band for a handful of performances, then depart. The revolving door nature of the group’s membership frequently caused it strain before the release of F♯ A♯ ∞.  After that release, the group stabilized around a nine-person lineup with Menuck, Moya and David Bryant on guitars, Pezzente and Thierry Amar on bass guitars, Aidan Girt and Bruce Cawdron on drums, and Sophie Trudeau and Norsola Johnson on violin and cello respectively. Moya would depart in 1998 to focus on HṚṢṬA, being replaced by Roger Tellier-Craig of Fly Pan Am.

Although various members of the band are often pinned down as anarchists, for a rather long time no one in the band explicitly subscribed to this label; however, as of 2014, Menuck was calling himself an anarchist. In any case, there is a strong political component to the band’s music. For example, the liner notes to Yanqui U.X.O. describe the song “09-15-00” as “Ariel Sharon surrounded by 1,000 Israeli soldiers marching on al-Haram Ash-Sharif & provoking another Intifada,” and the back cover of that album depicts the relationships of several major record labels to the military-industrial complex. Several of its songs also incorporate voice samples which express political sentiments, most notably “The Dead Flag Blues” (on F♯A♯∞) and “BBF3” (on Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada).

Members of the group have formed a number of side projects, including Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Fly Pan Am, HṚṢṬA, Esmerine, and Set Fire to Flames.

-wikipedia, GSYBE, edited

Images: Ian Cameron, Mathieu Lavoie, Scott Thiessen, Yuani Fragata, Alex Leclerc

Sound: Saaela Abrams, Alex Leclerc, Scott Thiessen, James Parker

BRIAN ENO :: Interview, Red Bull Academy, NYC 2013, 90min.

Emma Warren hosts a wide-ranging and engaging interview with Eno

interview notes from RBA:

The record producer, sound conceptualist, futurist and artist extraordinaire sits on the couch at the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy. Electronic music didn’t start with Eno, but it was certainly never the same after him. On Roxy Music’s first two albums he helped make synthesizers and tape effects part of a rock lineup, pricking the ears of future synth-pop creators such as Human League. As a solo artist he forged a new genre, which he dubbed ambient music, before effectively becoming a one-man genre himself, lending touches to Genesis (where he’s credited with ‘Enossification’), John Cale, and Bowie during his golden Berlin period. There wasn’t much in the way of experimental ’70s music that wasn’t made a little odder by Eno’s touch. But that touch could also be a multiplatinum one, as he showed as a producer for U2 in the mid-’80s and Coldplay 20 years later. In the ’90s he created perhaps the most widely heard music of all: the six-second start-up sound for Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. Typically mischievous, he later let it be known that he’d created it on a Mac.

Hosted by Emma Warren

SOME YO YO STUFF : An observation of the observations of Don Van Vliet by Anton Corbijn 1993 approx 13 min.

After Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart retired from music in the 80s, he concentrated on his newfound career as an internationally recognized abstract painter and gradually became more and more reclusive. One of the few glimpses of Van Vliet during the ’90s is in Anton Corbijn’s 13 minute poetic 1993 documentary, Some Yo Yo Stuff, which features features him talking about life, philosophy, music and art.  Van Vliet’s mother and David Lynch make appearances in the film as well. Continue reading SOME YO YO STUFF : An observation of the observations of Don Van Vliet by Anton Corbijn 1993 approx 13 min.